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One of the top factors that you should consider when scouting for the best e-liquid to buy is the amount of nicotine it has. All e-liquid products have varying nicotine strengths, and it can be quite confusing to know which strength would offer you more satisfying vaping experience. Sometimes, trial and error are what it takes to find the most suitable nicotine strength for your case. However, for inspiration, here is a quick overview of the most common e-liquid nicotine strengths that you will find in the market.

0% Nicotine

This implies that there is zero nicotine in your e-liquid. The level is recommended for people who are trying to reduce their nicotine intake but still desire to enjoy e-cigs once in a while. It is also suitable for people who want to learn new vaping tricks or do some cloud chasing.

0.6% nicotine

Basically, a 0.6% per 6mg nicotine level is equivalent to about 10 light cigarettes in a day. The level is recommended for people who desire to cut down their nicotine consumption on the whole, or for light smokers who are planning to discontinue the conventional smoking tobacco cigarettes.

1.2% Nicotine

1.2% per 12mg nicotine level is good for people who smoke about a pack of light cigarettes in a day. It is considered a medium level, and one of the most popular nicotine strength among e-cig users. It is great for people who were smoking tobacco cigarettes before but shifted to e-cigs.

1.8% Nicotine

1.8% per 18mg nicotine dosage is popular among new e-cig users as it translates to about a packet of cigarettes a day. It is considered a high dosage, and it is the most suitable level to start with if you are a profound tobacco user.

2.4% Nicotine

The 2.4% per 24mg nicotine strength is one of the strongest levels in the e-cig market. It is the most recommended level for heavy smokers as it is equivalent to a couple of cigarette packets in a day or one packet of a strong cigarette brand. Nonetheless, the level can even be too much for heavy smokers, so it is often advisable to begin at 1.8% level.

When it comes to selecting the right nicotine strength, try to base your judgment on the strength of cigarettes that you currently take. However, if you are unsure about your level, strive to start at a lower nicotine strength and increase gradually based on your preferences. And when you want to experiment affordably, opt for e-cig brands that offer discount or coupon codes. The Volcano e cig coupon codes, for instance, can help you save a lot of money on your e-cig products.