Butter & Herb Carrot Recipe

Butter and Herb Carrots

Butter & Herb Carrot Recipe Recipe Type: Side Dish Author: Nancy P. Prep time: 1 min Cook time: 10 mins Total time: 11 mins Serves: 4 servings Carrots are incredibily versitile but sometimes, you gotta bring them back to some simple methods of yumminess – with butter and herbs! This is a tad sweet as […]

BBQ Chicken, Veggies, & Couscous Recipe


BBQ Chicken & Couscous Recipe Type: Dinner Author: Nancy Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 25 mins Total time: 35 mins Serves: 4 servings It may seem like culinary worlds colliding here, but you can use couscous just as you could use any rice or potato. This time, I chose the couscous to be a […]