$50 Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway-Ends

Anyone LOVE Old Navy as much as I do? $50 can go a long way when you are shopping their sales....which I know a savvy person like yourself is certainly doing! :) Donna's Deals and More has teamed up with Coupon Chief and some amazing bloggers to bring you another fantastic giveaway!! We're giving one lucky reader a $50 Gift Card to Old Navy!! Coupon Chief has the largest source of online coupons and store discounts for apparel, electronics, travel, entertainment and more! All you have … [Continue]

Professional Photo Shoot Giveaway (UT)-Ends 2/14

If you have been a Give Oh Giveaway fan for very long you will know that 3 of my siblings recently got married. The final brother Sam married this sweet girl Traci (below) just a few weeks ago! We always use the same photographer because SHE IS AWESOME! She has took engagement pictures for Sam & Traci (and wedding photos...to come soon!) She took Traci's bridal photos too! My younger Sister Kenzie (the one with the SUPER cute baby that I always post) got married in June and Endless … [Continue]

5 winners of $20 Shell Rewards Cards-Ends 1/24 (US)

gas save$$

How much is gas in your town? If you have a Shell station nearby, you have got to check out this giveaway! I am here to help you save money at the pump! We have FIVE Fuel Rewards Network Cards that are pre-loaded to save you $1 PER GALLON at the pump - $20 in savings each to give away to 5 Lucky Readers! What are Fuel Rewards Network Cards?! They are FREE cards that save you money per gallon of gas purchased at participating Shell Stations. Each pre-loaded card's value is good for up to … [Continue]

Bluewick Candle Giveaway (3 winners!)-Ends 1/24 (US)

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago, we introduced you to the wonderful world of Bluewick Candles! We did a giveaway with three lucky winners, and they were absolutely thrilled with their selections of Bluewick Candles! Now it's your turn to win! The generous folks at Bluewick Candles are partnering with us to give away 3 sets of their new fragrance, "Red" for Valentine's Day. It will be perfect to use in your home for all of your Valentine's Day plans, whatever they may be! Three of … [Continue]

10 WINNER Zicam cold relief giveaway-Ends 1/24 (US)

Welcome to the Get Well Basket Giveaway- Sponsored by ZICAM. Hosted by Mom Does Reviews Oh how I hate having a cold! Anyone else? Coughing all night long, restless sleep, UGH! Zicam can really help with all those yucky cold symptoms....so 10 of you will win some Zicam! Hope you don't get hit with the cold this year! This awesome basket includes: Zicam Cherry RapidMelts Zicam Naturals Honey Lemon flavor Cough Suppressant A blanket A travel … [Continue]

Memory On Hand Giveaway-Ends 1/24 (US)

Have you ever lost your USB flash drive and all of the documents that you had on it? I have and it is devastating! They are so small and so easy to wash or loose! I found the coolest product that I wanted to tell you about, it is called MOH (Memory On Hand) wristband. It is a USB flash drive that you wear around your wrist! The Review The one I received to review was this brightly colored 4 GB flash drive wristband. Although I am not wild about the design I do love those colors, MOH comes … [Continue]

Diamond Earrings Giveaway-Ends 1/21 (US)

Welcome to the Hello Diamond Earring Giveaway! Jenn's Blah Blah Blog and an awesome group of bloggers brings you the Hello Diamond Earring Giveaway! One lucky reader will win a pair of 4 carat Pantina Earrings from Say Hello Diamonds. The Pantina Earrings will make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your special someone! These beautiful earrings from Hello Diamond have a retail value of $195! About our sponsor: Say Hello Diamonds creates jewelry using the highest quality stones! They … [Continue]

Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway-Ends 1/22 (US)

Welcome to the Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway! Sponsored by Woolzies, hosted by Mom Does Reviews Woolzies are a nontoxic dryer ball that does not coat clothing with dangerous chemicals, therefor making your laundry safe for all. Also, Woolzies cuts your drying time down sometimes as much as 40% saving you and your family time and money. Read Mom Does Reviews thoughts about Woolzies HERE. Mom Does Reviews and her bloggy buddies are happy to share this great giveaway with you! Enter below … [Continue]

Hope In A Soap Giveaway-Ends 1/23 (US)


Feeling trapped or stuck in life? Maybe a chronic worrier? Feel no energy, no motivation?   Struggling with the future or feel hopeless in life, with no optimism? Let me introduce you to Hope In a Soap by Strongest Minds Hope In a Soap is a natural way to heal those emotional struggles you are facing using Flower Remedies.  Flowers were here before we were, and they have been used for healing for thousands of years.  Amy from Strongest minds infuses the flower remedies into bars of soap … [Continue]

Alexa’s Angels Bracelet Giveaway-Ends 1/21 (US)

You know when you find a product or a company that is dear to your heart for so many reasons and you just want to share it with everyone? I've got to tell you about Alexa's Angels..... Alexa’s Angels is a very special and amazing company. They are dedicated to supporting programs that benefit women and children who are fighting all kinds of illnesses. I can't say enough about the good Alexa’s Angels does to help and support so many things, it's truly heart-lifting. Alexa’s Angels proudly … [Continue]