Swaddling Blankets Giveaway-Ends 3/15 (US)

swaddling blanket

When Kira was born, I was given a pack of Swaddle Designs swaddling blankets. Little did I know that these blankets would become her "blankys" that she sleeps with every night and is almost 4. I love to wrap my babies up nice and secure. It always seems to clam them down quickly!  *Benefits of Swaddling* Swaddling is important because it helps babies transition from womb to world, reduces incidence of SIDS, helps babies sleep better and longer. *Stylish and Multi-use* SwaddleDesigns … [Continue]

Cash Candle Giveaway-Ends 3/11 (US)

Welcome to the Hidden Treasure Cash Candles Giveaway! Hidden Treasure Candles has a whole new candle called Cash Candles! These candles are designed for those not interested in jewelry but still want a fun candle! I love jewelry but with 3 little girls almost every piece I ever "wear" get broken the same day, they pull, the tug on them, they want to wear them....so this candle is my new favorite! Just as the name states you will find hidden cash inside each all natural soy candle! These … [Continue]

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Follow Give Oh Giveaway on Pinterest Follow I love my kids on Pinterest Follow Donna's Deals and More on Pinterest Follow The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug on Pinterest Follow The It Mom on Pinterest Follow Chant3llo on Pinterest Follow Freebies with Attitude on Pinterest Follow Africa's Blog on Pinterest … [Continue]

$500 Gift Card for Engagement Ring-Ends 3/15 (US)

wedding me

When a woman gets engaged, there are a few questions she's always asked: When's the date? AND Can I see the ring? The date can be changed but the ring, well, that's gotta last forever. I remember ring shopping with my soon to be fiance. I picked out 3 rings that I loved. One was low priced, one was in the middle and one was outrageously expensive. My husband decided to get me the middle priced one that I LOVED the most! The perfect ring can get pretty expensive, but not for one lucky … [Continue]

$150 Skin Care Prize Pack Giveaway-Ends 3/14 (US & CAN)

Welcome to the Ezensa Skin Care $150.00 Organic Gift Basket Giveaway 10% Discount if you use this code: KTPLANT3 Ezensa Skin Care is an amazing organic company out of Canada. They have everything from body butters, baby balm and soap, they're working on a line of lip balms now. You should really read the fact you need to know about your skin page on their website. There is so much helpful information on it. Did you know that your 80% of what you put on your skin goes into your blood stream? … [Continue]

$50 Zulily Gift Card-Ends 3/13 (US)

Zulily are daily deals for Moms, Babies and Kids! One of my FAVORITE sites to find a good deal! I have gotten dresses, and umbrellas, and all sorts of fun things for my girls on this site. We are giving away $50....that can go a really long way on a site like this!   You can shop by category and shop by age. You can even send a gift card to a friend! You can check out Zulily's daily deals on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! One … [Continue]

Ultimate Goddess Gift Pack-Ends 3/17 (US & CAN)

Welcome to the Eye of Horus Ultimate Goddess Gift Pack Giveaway! Open to US & Canada! Ends 3/17 Sponsored by: Eye of Horus Hosted by: Powered by Mom Blog & Give Oh Giveaway Eye of Horus illuminating essential range of Goddess eye makeup is based on ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients, including the revered Moringa Oil claimed by the gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers. Wow, cool right? Special thanks to the wonderful group of bloggers for sharing this … [Continue]

$50 Pocket Full Of Sunshine Gift Card Giveaway-Ends 3/12 (WW)

Welcome to a Pocket full of Sunshine Boutique giveaway! follow I have teamed up with I love my kids and few of my favorite blogs to bring my readers the chance to win the $50 gift certificate to a Pocket Full of sunshine childrens boutique. a Pocket Full of Sunshine boutiquenofollspecializes in affordable, trendy items for your little ones. They pride themselves on their attention to current trends, rock bottom prices and great customer service.For giveaway a Pocket full of … [Continue]

Lindt Chocolate Review & Giveaway-Ends 3/12 (US)

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Anyone else here LOVE chocolate? I do, SO MUCH...maybe TOO much! I thought I knew what good chocolate was until my friend Julie sent me a package of chocolate directly from Lindt. Now I am guessing that you have seen (maybe even tried) those amazing Lindt chocolate balls that taste like a party in your mouth? You often find them at the checkout lines at grocery stores. I will admit I have bought my fair share of those and have enjoyed every moment of their creaminess! I was SHOCKED when I tried … [Continue]

Free Home Warranty Quote

Ugh don't you hate it when the washing machine goes out or the fridge dies randomly at the WORST time? I do! Maybe a home warranty is the way to go. Let's get started with a Free Home Warranty Quote! Click the photo below OR CLICK HERE and get a free quote for a home warranty for those unexpected problems that arise! It makes problems not seem to bad! … [Continue]