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    My favorite movie of 2012 is “Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.”

  2. Jasmijn Hox. says:

    Mine would have to be Gentlemen prefer blondes with Marilyn Monroe

  3. Ted

  4. julie lear says:

    Pitch Perfect

  5. Dam, I always draw a blank when asked this question. One of my favourite movies is The Wizard of OZ.

  6. Denise Parini says:

    I think wreck it Ralph because my son liked it so much

  7. labskita523 says:

    Breaking Dawn Part 2!!! Watched it 4x. =)

  8. Lia Becas Jacobsen says:

    Definitely Les Miserable! Great movie :)

  9. Oh my…there were so many good movies this year…but my top movie of the year would be The Avengers…closely followed by The Dark Knight Rises…

  10. lenora cherry says:

    Princess Diaries

  11. Dirty Dancing favorite all time movie!!

  12. Kelly Bright says:

    hotel transylvania was really good

  13. Didn’t really see any new movies in 2012 but my all-time fav movie and book is The Notebook…probably watched it at least a few times in 2012 :)

  14. Nicole Lillie Stewart says:

    Fight Club ;)

  15. I can’t remember if it was 2012 but I loved the hunger games

  16. hmm, The Hunger Games? I think it was a 2012 release

  17. Tammy Shelton says:


  18. Krystal Talentino says:

    Twilight was definitely on top but my all time fav was The Hunger Games. Loved it and can’t wait for the 50 Shades of Grey movie. ;)

  19. Andi Roberts says:

    What to expect when your expecting

  20. Kristi Cartwright says:

    I like the movie Courageous…but I’m not sure that it came out in 2012. It’s one that I’ve recently seen and loved! :)

  21. The vow, all time is the little rascals

  22. Kim Ockhuysen says:

    The hunger games

  23. Nicole Hartman says:

    The Vow

  24. angie dzieglewicz says:

    the amazing spiderman, and the avengers

  25. Rise of the Gaurdians.

  26. the Hobbit was my favorite.

  27. my favorite movie is The Vow

  28. Sarah Hayes says:

    I like act of valor

  29. I would have to say Wreck it Ralph!!! Loved it!!

  30. Sasha Farnsworth says:

    Les Miserable was amazing!!

  31. angela reed says:

    i love the lucky one. best movie ever

  32. The Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn 2!!! plus those were the only ones I went to go see lol

  33. Violeta Vanessa Gill says:


  34. jennifer koontz says:

    Expendable’s 2

  35. Breaking dawn part 2

  36. golden storm says:

    my favorite movie of all time is gone with the wind

  37. June Isbel says:

    Message in a Bottle!

  38. Jacquie Lindholm says:

    Magic Mike was entertaining, not my favorite but, I couldn’t think of anything else!

  39. Krista Grandstaff says:

    I was thinking out loud when a voice yelled from the kitchen ” Brave!” ( my 12 yr old…lol) so we’ll go with that one :)

  40. jennifer e says:

    hunger games this year! You’ve Got Mail is my all time favorite!

  41. Emily jones says:

    The Avengers

  42. Hope chamberlain says:

    The favorite movie I watched in 2012 was called Snowmen. It was not released last year but several years ago. I am not much of a current movie person.

  43. Fiona Hoosaney says:


  44. Kristen Benzo says:

    Breaking Dawn pt 2

  45. I would have to say The Notebook!!!!

  46. sonia ball says:

    Les Miserable…

  47. Tammy Welsh says:

    Pretty Woman

  48. ruby reis says:

    Les Miserables

  49. I usually go for drama type movies, but in an unusual move, my favorite two movies this year were “The Avengers” and “Here Comes the Boom”!!!

  50. Jeana Speers says:

    Breaking Dawn Pt 2

  51. Crystal L says:

    Les Miserables! It’s my favorite musical, too!

  52. Charice Adams says:

    Hunger Games…did that come out last year? I loved the book series and like seeing the movie interpretation…

  53. christine porter says:

    i didn’t have the luxury of seeing any movies in 2012, but would have liked to seen LINCOLN….THANKS

  54. pillars of the earth

  55. Apollo 13

  56. Argo! It was so well written and directed, and the best part was I could see it with my DH because it wasn’t a chick flick which he hates!

  57. Magic mike ;)

  58. Words……great movie!

  59. Alix Brewer says:

    Not sure if it is 2012 or not, but The Vow is my favorite recent movie :)

  60. Elizabeth Indoe says:

    I never got to a movie in 2012-toddler, moving, and insanity. My fav of all time is Field of Dreams though.

  61. Avengers

  62. Monika Hayes says:

    One of my favorite would be any of the Fast and Furious movies. Love them all!

  63. Kel White says:

    I would say paranorman

  64. Allyson Hunter says:

    The Hunger Games was pretty good. :)

  65. My favorite movie is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

  66. Brandi Donley says:

    A Little bit of Heaven, must see!

  67. lisa kettell says:

    breaking dawn part 2 was awesome

  68. Ted

  69. Sharon Rozier says:

    the avengers

  70. Tammy Schweitz says:

    The avengers I would say thanks

  71. Jennifer Speed says:


  72. Katie Santos says:

    The Hobbit!!

  73. Melissa Menza says:

    I didn’t watch many movies in 2012, but I did watch The Vow and loved it.

  74. Pretty woman

  75. Elaine Powell says:

    don’t keep up with today’s movies. Shawshank Redemption one of our favs.

  76. Christy Merryweather says:

    I loved “The Help”.

  77. Renee Hensley says:

    I would love to try some GOOD makeup for once!

  78. My favorite movie in the last 2 years is The Help

  79. Jennifer Haffner says:

    Hmmm, my favorite movie in 2012 would probably be The Hunger Games.

  80. Patricia OBryan says:

    Ever After