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10 WINNER Zicam cold relief giveaway-Ends 1/24 (US)

Welcome to the Get Well Basket Giveaway- Sponsored by ZICAM. Hosted by Mom Does Reviews Oh how I hate having a cold! Anyone else? Coughing all night long, restless sleep, UGH! Zicam can really help with all those yucky cold symptoms….so 10 of you will win some Zicam! Hope you don’t get hit with the […]

Memory On Hand Giveaway-Ends 1/24 (US)

Have you ever lost your USB flash drive and all of the documents that you had on it? I have and it is devastating! They are so small and so easy to wash or loose! I found the coolest product that I wanted to tell you about, it is called MOH (Memory On Hand) wristband. […]

Diamond Earrings Giveaway-Ends 1/21 (US)

Welcome to the Hello Diamond Earring Giveaway! Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and an awesome group of bloggers brings you the Hello Diamond Earring Giveaway! One lucky reader will win a pair of 4 carat Pantina Earrings from Say Hello Diamonds. The Pantina Earrings will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone! These […]

Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway-Ends 1/22 (US)

Welcome to the Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway! Sponsored by Woolzies, hosted by Mom Does Reviews Woolzies are a nontoxic dryer ball that does not coat clothing with dangerous chemicals, therefor making your laundry safe for all. Also, Woolzies cuts your drying time down sometimes as much as 40% saving you and your family time and […]

Hope In A Soap Giveaway-Ends 1/23 (US)


Feeling trapped or stuck in life? Maybe a chronic worrier? Feel no energy, no motivation?   Struggling with the future or feel hopeless in life, with no optimism? Let me introduce you to Hope In a Soap by Strongest Minds Hope In a Soap is a natural way to heal those emotional struggles you are facing using Flower Remedies.  Flowers were here […]

Alexa’s Angels Bracelet Giveaway-Ends 1/21 (US)

You know when you find a product or a company that is dear to your heart for so many reasons and you just want to share it with everyone? I’ve got to tell you about Alexa’s Angels….. Alexa’s Angels is a very special and amazing company. They are dedicated to supporting programs that benefit women […]

Gift Card & Sassy Cassie Giveaway-Ends 1/17 (US & CAN)

                           Welcome to Sassy Cassie Prize pack giveaway! This sweet book is great for any little girl out there, my girlies LOVE this book and so do I! I had to jump in on this giveaway to bring it to you! Sponsored by Studio […]

Hoo-rag (The better bandana) Giveaway-Ends 1/20 (US)

Wow I could have defiantly used another one of these this last few days!! It’s been so cold and windy that my daughter has enjoyed taking it to school.  To see how great this is check out my review here. So now it’s YOUR turn to get a chance to escape the cold. HooRag is offering 2 people a […]

Fabulous Wardrobe Giveaway (ARV: $547!)-Ends 1/19 (US)

  Are you wanting to have a night out on the town but don’t have the perfect ensemble to wear? Have no fear, Give Oh Giveaway is here! I have this rockin’ giveaway that is valued at over $500! Check it out below! Robin’s Sweet Confessions and Donna’s Deals and More have teamed up with […]

Diamond Candle/Cash Giveaway-Ends 1/17 (WW)

Who doesn’t love a candle giveaway? If you don’t there is a cash option on this giveaway!  Either way…..we appreciate you being a fan, that is why we are having this super fun giveaway! Welcome to the Diamond Candle Giveaway! Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and her awesome bloggy friends want to say thank you to […]