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16 Winner Valentines Day Giveaway-Ends 2/1 (US & CAN)

The Pay It Forward Crew is doing it again and bringing you a Exclusive Valentine’s Day Giveaway!
There are so many amazing prizes up for grabs! We want to make sure you, the fans, know we appreciate you all so much that we are giving away a total of 16 prizes!! The complete prize list is: 
1800 Flowers and Powered by Mom was so kind enough to donate 1 dozen red roses ($59.99 value)
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Love My Gems  and Mom Does Reviews has donated a beautiful Charm bracelet watch. You can read all about this beauty by clicking here
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Country Trail Candles and Give Oh Giveaway have donated a beautiful set, which contains a Large Love Shack Candle, another Large Candle (winners choice), Wick Dipper, and Hot Chocolate Melt
381 Candles and Kimberly’s Thoughts has donated a new 381 candle
Coupon Hauls has so kindly donated a box of See’s Chocolates and Frugal4Four has donated a beautiful Typhon Charm Bracelet.
Zoe’s Printable Coupons has kindly donated a $25 Amazon Gift Card and Lucky’s Bingo Corner has kindly donated some wonderful Kim Hardashian Perfume
DHElegance and Donna’s Deals and More has kindly donated a beautiful Dichoric Glass Pendant and Choker
Mainely Cole Shop has donated a Mainely’s Cole Valentine’s Mystery Bag (valued at approx $100)
Zip Shoes USA and Free Fun Fab have donated a new pair of Zipz Ruby Heartz Shoes. You can read all about these wonderful shoes by clicking here
Rok Cooking and One Mom’s Moxie has donated some Rok Cooking sets! There is 2 of them so that means 2 winners! You can read all about them by clicking here
kims bracelet
Its Free At Last has kindley donated a new bottle of L’eau De Chloe de Toilette Spray (ARV $65)
Faith Marcus Designs and Africa’s Blog has kindly donated a new Sterling Mini Hammered Heart Bracelet Pink Tourmaline
Couponing4you has donated a 2 Night stay at a Marriott Hotel (in form of $300 egift card) Can be used anywhere in the USA or Canada.
The pay it forward crew believes in saying thank you for being here with us and for being such amazing fans. This is just another way we would like to thank you!
This giveaway will run from January 25th 9pm Eastern time and will end February 1st 11:59 PM Eastern time. The winners will be drawn after verifying all entries and winners will be emailed. As soon as all 16 prizes are claimed via email all of the winners will be announced on rafflecopter.
This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by facebook this giveaway is solely sponsored by the pay it forward team and the extra sponsors listed above. Each prize will be fulfilled by each individual sponsor and not facebook.
Good Luck everyone! To enter simply enter on the rafflecopter below! And remember what we always say: You can not win if you do not enter! So go now and GOOD LUCK!




This giveaway is open to US & Canada

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Jenette Gardner says:

    i like everything about Valentine’s Day :)

  2. Denise Bianco says:

    Spending time with my husband.

  3. I love Valentines Day to focus on all of those you love!

  4. Tracy Koss says:

    Me me me!! How exciting!!! You are the best for offering this giveaway!

  5. Seeing all the men come out of flower shops carring beautiful flowers for their love..

  6. Lia Becas Jacobsen says:

    I get a box of chocolates ALL to myself! LOL And I get a really nice romantic dinner with my honey too. <3

  7. LORI ROYCE says:

    That in our busy loves, this one day at least gets us to slow down and take a little more time to think of those we love : )

  8. patti lewis says:

    I love that Valentine’s day celebrates the love between two people and gives you a reason to snuggle a little more.

  9. A special day to stop and remember to appreciate your loved one despite lifes busy times

  10. I just like any excuse to celebrate my husband. thats what it is for me!

  11. Valentines day is our only date night of the year usually.

  12. Elaine Bowden Powell says:

    the feeling of Caring and Love everyone shares around the Day

  13. Cassandra Girouard says:

    Spending time with the love of my life

  14. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says:

    Getting to spend it with my love one and all the goodies of course too! =] Thank you for the awesome giveaway!! =]

  15. The day after, when all the candy is on sale.

  16. joan allen says:

    Making crafts with my kids.

  17. Being intimate with hubby and snuggling.

  18. My favorite thing about Vanentine’s day is that it’s the only day my husband attempts to be romantic.

  19. I love everything about Valentines Day….Especially chocolate!!!!

  20. angie dzieglewicz says:


  21. Everyone is trying so hard to be nice and loving on Valentines day

  22. jeannette woods says:

    spending time with my hubby and my kids

  23. The most exciting thing about Valentine’s Day is my kids’ excitement about celebrating it.

  24. Cheryl Bartram says:

    Being lovey with my family

  25. Barbara T Dunaway says:

    just spending time with my husband

  26. Pick me!

  27. My favorite thing would be spending a quiet evening with one of my favorite people in the world.

  28. Jennifer Roberts says:

    Chocolate covered strawberries!!!

  29. Dede Wright says:

    Spending time with my hubby! :)

  30. Wendi Maroon says:

    You HAVE to eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day. If it’s not a rule, it should be ;)

  31. Terri Goolsby says:


  32. neha gupta says:

    sharing love (the day which make u remember when u first fall in love which u have forgotten over the years in your busy life)

  33. I love the romance all around.

  34. Sharon T. says:

    I love Valentines day because it is such a romantic day !!

  35. Becky Bryant says:

    My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is all the love that people show each other.

  36. That little extra bit of love :)

  37. Bree Tinch says:

    Valentine’s Day is also my birthday so I love hanging out with my husband and my kids.

  38. Spending time with my sweetheart.

  39. David Clausi says:

    Romance and chocolates!

  40. It’s the day that my husband proposed to me 23 years ago!!!

  41. Lia Becas Jacobsen says:

    I tried to “like” countrytrailcandles but the button would not appear and I could not locate their Facebook page

  42. Amanda Maletich says:

    Spending a little time with my husband, he works swat so he is on call 24/7, which limits our time together. :(

  43. Christianne says:

    going on a date with the hubby

  44. karla smith says:

    I like the small things. I just like being with my husband.

  45. getting my grandkids all sugared up, then sending them home

  46. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    Spending time with the hubby while eating chocolates.

  47. Sherri Miller says:

    Date night with my husband!

  48. Lori Tobin says:

    Valentine’s Day always makes me feel like hugging everybody!

  49. Sonya Furgerson says:

    Sharing it with my amazing husband!! We met at 18 n dated some then went our separate ways and almost 20 years later we reunited n have been together ever since!! We are together forever no doubt in my mind no one on this earth will get us apart only when God takes one of us home will we be separated!! Thank you for the chance for these amazing gifts would love to win n share them with the best guy in the world for me!!!

  50. Jacki Begay says:

    I like that my husband and I focus on us on this day. :)

  51. gerry davison says:

    all year long you really dont get the attention you want from the one you love except on valentines day, then they really go all out (hopefully) to show you the love, i really love the flowers an sweets!!

  52. valerie white says:

    all the love in the air..

  53. Spending time with my boy :-)

  54. All the love

  55. Half price candy afterwards!

  56. Beth Hargett says:

    I love hearing from my husband how he really feels and usually Valentine’s Day is one of the few times I hear it, lol. I just love all the romance and <3 involved!

  57. Patricia Venable says:

    my love….of deep dark chocolate….chocolate everywhere

  58. carol laurence says:

    yes yes please so excited

  59. Heather martin says:

    I don’t really. My dad always worked a lot and my husband left when my daughter was 2. So, every year we have a special girl’s day. Just the 3 of us.

  60. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    Im a single mom of soon to be 4 kids so my favorite thing abt Valentines Day is getting some alone time! :)
    Thank you!

  61. Tammy Shelton says:


  62. kathy mellon says:

    i never get anything for. valentines day the setbacks of a single life, and i cant afford to buy myself anything either this year, so it would be great to win something nice!!!!!!!!!! And the hotel stay would be great! But any of the gifts would be great! i might feel like i counted again if i could win something.

  63. Stephanie Guy says:

    Valentines day is everyday for me, because I know my little ones loves me just as much I her. So everyday is V-day to me! Thank you for the opportunity!

  64. Laura Harper says:

    every year since my kids were born I’ve gotten them the small chocolate
    heart boxes and I get the biggest hugs.

  65. Michelle Espinoza says:

    The romance and going out with my husband.

  66. winter dryden says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines Day is just having a day to reflect on my marriage, because sometimes we just need a reminder!

  67. Jen Lloyd-Kruletz says:

    Spending the day with my sweetheart!

  68. Lisa Burke Cook says:

    Spending it with my beautiful daughters and my hubby!

  69. kathy foley says:

    I am a floral designer so Val Day is a big money maker for me. I love to do custom arrangements and gift baskets for all sorts of folks!

  70. Melisa Berardi says:

    Romance, romance, romance and oh yeah chocolate :)

  71. Amber Wamsley says:

    All the love everyone shares!!!

  72. rose johnson says:

    flowers flowers flowers

  73. Rebecca G says:

    I love the day after when chocolate goes on sale. Dh likes to get me choc/peanut butter or dark chocolate, and cuddle. We are cheap, but it works.

  74. Valentine day what I like is that is the time when the hearts of men and women speak with much klove and the gifts are tokens of their love, Oh h9o wonderful that day is

  75. Chocolate!!!!!

  76. Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. In that order!

  77. Angelia Moscardelli-Medlin says:

    Spending time with my hubby.

  78. Just spending time with my lovely husband :) and chocolate. (I believe that is a given though…. ;) )

  79. My husband usually makes me breakfast and then we spend the day together.

  80. Shawna Scott says:

    the candy!

  81. June Ebinger says:


  82. Sta Strittmatter says:

    My husband and I usually make each other something special and have a nice dinner we make

  83. Surprising the loved one.

  84. I love that its a day to rememer to take time to show a little extra attention to that special someone. This is my first v-day as a married woman :)

  85. I love the time I get to spent with my hubby.

  86. Sonya Scott says:

    its the most romantic day of the year. love the flowers, cards and stuff animals. but the most part I love about it is having a candle lit dinner with my boyfriend with love songs are playing in the back ground softly. then curling up with him ect. ect. and the walks on the beach as the sun is setting holding each others hands.

  87. Cristy L Atwell says:

    The thing I love most about Valentine’s Day is the feeling of love in the air.

  88. Noelle Quade says:

    It’s our engagement anniversary :) my (now) husband proposed unexpectedly 2-14-09

  89. Denise Bigley says:

    I know my husband will be bringing me chocolate covered strawberries

  90. erica mitchell says:

    fave thing is all of the pink! and spending the day with my SO

  91. Kimberly Davis says:

    I love the chocolate sales after valentines day.LOL

  92. rebecca shockley says:

    The feeling of love in the air!

  93. Valentines has always been a little meh for me. The day after valentines day I get a bear from my parents (it’s than anniversary, long tradition)

  94. It’s my Grampa’s birthday, so we get to spend time with family.

  95. LadyVampire says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is that it’s the one day of the year where you can be as emotional and sentimental as you want to.

  96. Due to our opposing schedule, my husband and I don’t get to spend much time together. For that reason, I would say my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is having to be able to spend it with my husband.

  97. Buying goodies for my daughter,her fiance and my 2 neices.I’m single so I enjoy seeing my family happy. I do get goodies from my mom though. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)

  98. tammy jeffery says:

    Special memories for every Valentine day that comes and goes. This would make 2013 even more memorable.

  99. Daniela Tapia says:

    What i love about Valentines Day is that i have my three angels to celebrate it with lots of love. I love seeing her creative pictures she makes at school.

  100. Debi Affrunti says:

    dinner and candy

  101. crystalin says:

    My favorite thing about valentines day is that I met my currant boyfriend and love of my life on valentines day.

  102. oh my goodness ,,would love to win this for my hunny,,we don’t spend much time together,,he is always working,,praying i get picked,,,:)

  103. shy campbell says:

    My favorite is Red Roses and my Hubby!

  104. Amber Brantley says:

    The chocolate!

  105. It’s the first holiday that I ever spent with my now husband of 18 yrs..love

  106. Rosemary M says:

    I really don’t have a favorite thing about Valentine’s Day because I don’t have a sweetie but I do enjoy watching the flowers and candy come in at work for the other girls. Its also nice to see lots of roses and chocolate in the stores.

  107. Its an extra day for love, and this year I should have a newborn here:) Expecting any day!

  108. barb popescu says:

    super nice prize!

  109. trista doerfer says:

    the dinner date!

  110. Even though they all know I love them, its an added day that I can really spoil & shower my husband & kids with lots of love & goodies…plus its always fun to see what my husband does for me & our kids. He’s full of surprises!!

  111. I love valentines day… When I was little my dad always got me a heart and a stuffed animal and made me feel very special. I love to think about those good times now that he is gone. I do have a special man that always does something for me now but it’s just not the same.

  112. Lindsey C. says:

    Not gonna lie, love the candy haha. But it really is nice to have a day just to show how much you appreciate your significant other :)

  113. Diana Ross says:

    What wonderful prizes! This would be the best gift EVER for my husband and I to win, we work so much and haven’t been anywhere since 2003. We are empty nesters and need something exciting to be excited about:)

  114. Darlene A. Frederick says:

    I look forward to getting the greeting card my husband makes for me every year. :-)

  115. Laurey Byrd says:

    date night

  116. mollie griffin says:

    Its hard to chose what I most love about Valentines Day but I would have to say that my favorite part is that we celebrate the most important emotion on that day…LOVE!

  117. Going out with my husband of 47 years!!

  118. Jessica S. says:

    Flowers and chocolate!

  119. Holli A.D. says:

    I love that Valentines Day it’s a special day set aside to remind is to treat the ones we love a little extra special.

  120. I love having dinner out with my hubby and the beautiful fresh cut flowers he gets me.

  121. Heather Wine says:

    I like Valentines Day because it gives us an excuse to have a date.

  122. The feeling of romance in the air.

  123. Susanna Earnest says:

    Valentine’s day is especially great because it is the one time throughout the year that we have an excuse to do something extra special for those that we love. Not that we need an excuse, but it makes it easier. :)

  124. Spending more time than usual with those we love!

  125. Priscilla DeLoera says:

    I love the flowers and all the love in the air!

  126. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    My Favorite Thing About Valentine’s Day Is…The Fact That My Husband Is Home To Spend It With Me This Year, He Has Been Gone On Deployment To Afghanistan. And…We Also Found Out Yesterday That We Are Expecting A Little Bundle…So Exciting!

  127. Cristina C says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is all the love in the air and most people are kinder on this day. Oh , and the presents from my sweetie!

  128. laura jenkins says:

    Every woman wants to feel special for one day .

  129. Remembering my Mom it was her fav holiday and she passed on it . . .

  130. Candy!

  131. Not a fan of hallmark holidays but maybe this giveaway will change that.

  132. Having a sweet Husband to spend it with!

  133. Vanessa McPherson says:

    I love to spend special cuddle time with my girls and then head out for extra special time with my hubby!

  134. Spending time with my wonderful husband!!

  135. The romance and making it all about each other :)

  136. T Manahan says:

    I’m in my 30s now, and I can’t remember a Valentine’s Day where I didn’t get a card from my Dad! He always remembers every year to make me his Valentine!- Now, my sweet husband does the same thing for our daughter!!!

  137. I love the cards my kids make for me.

  138. spending time with husband

  139. Belle Windham says:

    chocolate! and the fact that our anniversary is the week after. coming up on 5 years.

  140. We need a couple days away. I have never stayed at a Marriot but heard they are really nice.

  141. Gigi Wingel says:

    Valentines day was always my brother’s day with my daughter. He would take her lunch at school, and bring some kind of present to her. He committed suicide almost ten years ago, if I won this, I would give it all to her, in memory of my brother.

  142. Gina Demaree says:

    Spending time with my husband. He always has a little something sweet from the kids for Mommy for Valentine’s day. And then our anniversary is the next day. :)

  143. cortney walls says:

    making Valentines craft and treats with my son

  144. Kelly Gunsch says:

    My favorite part of Valentine’s day isn’t the obligatory Hallmark cards, chocolates or roses….for me, it the memory of my hubby getting down on one knee and sking me to prom! That was 24 years ago and still makes my heart flutter.

  145. Tammy Lacer says:

    I married the most wonderful man on Valentine’s Day!!

  146. my husband

  147. nicole cramer says:

    The best part of Vday is getting to spend it with my Hubby. Hes all i need. The gifts are nice, but i would be happy with just him. :)

  148. Theresa H. says:

    Expressing love for my DH and DS. :)

  149. Jennifer Rote says:

    It is all about the chocolate for me!

  150. Lisa Welch says:

    my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is how much love and good feeling is shared on a single day!

  151. Melissa Hartley says:

    Remembering my loved ones & how much they mean to me & oh yes, the candy I usually get for myself isn’t a bad thing either! ;)


  152. Nan Nations says:

    the love you get from all those around you

  153. ruby reis says:

    my hubby and I will make a point of doing something special. and the chocolate

  154. Candy is my favorite part!

  155. Penelope Costanzo says:

    I like to share Valentine cards and gifts with my children during the day and dinner with my husband at night.

  156. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is also my husband and I’s wedding anniversary =) 10 years this year!

  157. What an awesome give away. I would love to win this. It would be a great way celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary.

  158. Alicia Som says:

    Getting some special alone time with my man. It’s a good time to re-focus energy toward each other and not worry about kiddos or the house or work. Thanks!

  159. Chocolate <3

  160. Melissa Burns says:

    Spending time with my husband and kids!

  161. Leanna Morris says:

    My favorite thing: it seems to bring out “loving” feelings among people

  162. I love spending time with the hubby.

  163. Getting candy and a night out!

  164. Celebrating love… and chocolate :)

  165. Sharon Rozier says:

    Spending it with the man I love. He has given me so much and asks for so little, this would be so wonderful to give him….

  166. I like going out for a romantic dinner…

  167. Spending time with the grandkids.

  168. a celebration of one of God’s greatest gifts….LOVE

  169. John Joseph says:

    The special time celebrating moments with my wife plus the cocholates dont hurt lol :)

  170. Arik Issan says:

    Just another day.

  171. I love the candy :P Oh and love, too, that’s cool lol!

  172. I love Valentines Day because it brings love and appreciation in the limelight to have a day to show your affection and love. Not just for that someone special but we do things for our kids too. It is fun to go out and see young kids in love…it’s almost comical, the younger the funnier. It takes you back.

  173. Christine W. says:

    I look forward to picking out those cards that show my love for my daughter and grandson and a few very special friends.

  174. Watching the kiddos giggle as they take their “girfriends” candy. It is so cute.

  175. cindy cook says:

    i love this day but i never get anything so when it comes around i always wait all day to see if he will think about this year and for 25 years he has not so maybe this year 25 will be lucky.if not from him maybe i will win something from here

  176. Christine Beasley says:

    the time spent appreciating someone special

  177. Kristie Zapf says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is the memory of getting a rose from my dad every year growing up.

  178. I love spending time with my hubby!

  179. Darlene Jones-Nelosn says:

    I love to spend it with my husband as I have been a not so nice wife lately!

  180. Rachel Rohde says:

    spending alone time with my husband

  181. Angie Bano says:

    getting the special little things my daughter makes

  182. Having my Husband spoil me…..

  183. julie lear says:

    i love valentines because i know that i will be with my sweetheart FOREVER !

  184. Carla Hobson says:

    Would love the candle.

  185. Susan S., TN says:

    I guess just feeling the special love and bond between my husband and me. For some reason on Valentines Day its even stronger…

  186. Christina C. says:

    eating chocolates!!!!

  187. Michelle Bartolotta says:

    Spending it with my husband and going out to dinner :)

  188. Love spending time with the hubby

  189. Tiffany Hood says:

    I love doing little things for people and watching them smile. I love making heart shaped brownies, and chocolate covered strawberries for everyone at a nursing home where I work.

  190. That there is one day set aside to celebrate love. The one thing that everyone wants is to be loved.

  191. This is a very nice giveaway. I would love the 2 night hotel stay or any of the other prizes.

  192. I like the demonstration of love from my dh, which is more on this day! I like the flowers!

  193. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is spending quiet time with my loved ones.

  194. The love that is shared by so many

  195. This is such an excellent giveaway.

  196. AWESOME!!

  197. SD Murray says:


  198. ROMANCE :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  199. karen walker says:

    my husband taking me out for dinner without the kids. this only happens a few times a year.
    I would love to win this just to get a weekend alone with him.

  200. Darlene Sullins says:

    I like the romance, chocolate and wine, snuggling up with my hubby to a movie- there’s just soooo much love in the air and sooo many romantic things on Valentine’s Day! <3

  201. Krystal Waters says:

    I like being treated special and going out with my husband.

  202. Dianna Thomas says:

    My husbands little notes all over–which prompts our kids to do the same–then he always takes me to a movie (my choice) and to dinner–with NO kids– I love it

  203. LOVE….. Lots of it!!

  204. Tina blaze says:

    I want to win!

  205. Rolanda Priscilla Petty says:

    I’m a die-hard romance fan, so this day was created specifically for me and I love it!

  206. Spending the day with my love!

  207. Katherine Donovan says:


  208. Elizabeth Indoe says:

    I love the goofy dispays of love in stores and the smell of roses.

  209. tina blaze says:

    Omg! This is awesomesome

  210. Nicole Carter Weasley says:
  211. Tracy Park says:

    The flowers of course~

  212. Francine werlinger says:

    It’s my moms birthday! And I am lucky to still have her to celebrate with. She will be 91!

  213. Doing valentines with my son and then sending them out to friends and family.

  214. pamela adams says:

    even though my girls are all grown now,I still get them Valentine candy and cards. Makes me feel good!!

  215. I love going out with my wonderful husband!!!

  216. Rachael Kelly says:

    I love being able to declair our love and having another day to celebrate our love other than our anniversary.I also love getting a card because there is so much thought put into it.

  217. We used to splurge and do something extravagant because of sinter now that we live in FL like to take a bottle of wine and go to the beach.

  218. The flowers my hubby get’s me!

  219. My favorite thing about Valentines day would have to be roses and the time I spend with my hubby and daughters

  220. Special date with the hubby =)

  221. I so believe in the pay it forward philosophy. It feels so good!

  222. Heather Blevins Smith says:

    Spending it with my hubby and kids, the loves of my life. They get me flowers and we usually have a really nice family dinner!!

  223. Gina Wallace says:

    The thing I like best about Valentine’s Day is that’s the day where people attempt to put their best foot forward and be nice and loving.

    • Gina Wallace says:

      with all the hatred going on in the world, it’s just nice to see some love getting passed around

  224. showing love and appreciation to friends and family

  225. Victoria Marr says:

    Such wonderful prizes. Good Luck everyone!

  226. Victoria Marr says:

    This year is our 25th anniversary! I love my longtime valentine!

  227. Luana Allen says:

    Being with my honey

  228. its the day we show our loved ones how much they are loved plus its a day to get a nice dinner and gifts ….its also my dads birthday so extra special

  229. ANGELA CARROLL says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about Valentines Day!!

  230. Donna Holman says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that it celebrates love! Love makes the impossible possible!

  231. Karen Rogers says:

    It’s my Birtha-Valle-Versary!! My birthday, Valentine’s Day, and our 25th wedding anniversary!!!

  232. Martha Holland says:

    The best thing about Valentines day is just spending the day with the n=man that I love.

  233. It’s a fun, special day!! Cute gifts!

  234. Monica Horn says:

    The love for others and goodwill feeling that day.

  235. Spending time with hubby

  236. tammy jeffery says:

    Quiet time for those who appreciate the partner their with.

  237. Shannon Pollard says:

    The best part of Valentines Day is getting to spend it with my husband. We show our love everyday but it is nice to let him know how much he is appreciated on Valentines Day as well. I also love the cute candy hearts and the little kid Valentine’s cards my son gives out at school. I also love the homemade card my son make me. :)

  238. Just having an excuse to have an extra special dinner.

  239. Kristy Miller says:

    I LOVE having the opportunity to show my wonderful, handsome husband how much he means to me. I am truly blessed and I am thankful for the chance to show him what he means to me. I make a special Valentine themed dinner for my husband and children and make it a real celebration.

  240. Dafne Brooks says:

    I love that my husband is still here with me to celebrate another Valentines Day! I have almost lost him twice once in 2007 and once in 2012 due to Chrons disease complications.

  241. Stephanie Volpe says:

    I love spending one on one time with my fiance, it’s one day where things are a little extra special and we can show each other how we care and love each other. I get to show him how important and special he is too me, and even if we have the kids we can still have a nice dinner, and I get to bake cookies or dessert with the kiddo for daddy. It’s a day all about us, and/or the family and it’ll be nice to spend some time together without friends or others to bother.

  242. Sandy Pettry says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is flowers and chocolate.

  243. Lynn Shires says:

    I love the card I receive from my hubby. He always writes in the card and I keep everyone of them!

  244. Jenny Stanek says:

    My kids happily bringing home all their Valentines from school :)

  245. Kristen Hunter says:

    Spending time with my loved ones!!!

  246. Suzanna J. says:

    My favorite thing about valentines day is…well I have a couple favorite things…candy hearts and I enjoy hearing some of the creative ways men have come up with to wow their sweethearts :D

  247. This May will be our 30 years together. We usually go out to a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Just found out the end of February will be hubby’s last day at his job! So we won’t be doing or going any where this Valentine unless he finds another job.

  248. Monica C. says:

    I love all the Love. I especially love to spend my Valentine’s Day sharing and show my love to my family.

  249. Melisa Turner says:

    I love that its a dedicated day to show love and not feel like your being to mushy lol

  250. having someone who treats me like a queen.

  251. I enjoy a romantic day with my husband

  252. The perfume

  253. Brenda Widner says:

    Well, my Husband will celebrate his 10 year Anniversary of his Open Heart Surgery! That was a very special day for us! It began a new journey in our lives. We have been married 43 years and hope to have many more Valentines Days to Celebrate Together!

  254. NANCY THOMAS says:


  255. My husband, who hates sappy things, goes out of his way to get me a sweet, mushy, romantic card because he knows I love them.

  256. Martha Balderson says:

    Lots of nice prizes. Thanks a lot.

  257. Going to dinner with my husband

  258. the decorations!!!

  259. Tiffany Frye says:

    All the cute decor!

  260. Amy Medley says:

    Spending the day with all my babies and that night with my honey.

  261. The love in the air!!

  262. Making my family a special dinner, heart shaped cake and decorating the dinner table with rose petals, candy hearts and everyone gets a box of chocolate on the plate. Just my way of showing the LOVE.

  263. Cris Henry says:

    Seeing what surprises I get and sharing the Love!!!

  264. Mrs Shannon K Orton says:

    Valentine’s Day candy, the chalky sweet tarts.

  265. Pamela Bice says:

    Spending time with my favorite people

  266. Stacey Hamill says:

    getting a heartfelt card from my husband

  267. Spending the day with my husband of 9 years and our beautiful girls!

  268. Laura Mckissock says:

    Exchanging homemade Valentines cards with my kids :)

  269. Giving someone you love a great big hug !!!

  270. Janet Benthin says:

    “””””””””The Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. Dina Hanson says:

    I get to treat my hubby of almost 23 years to his favorite things for dinner.

  272. It’s my Husband and my Wedding Anniversary!

  273. Valentines is a great day to show the world how much you love your spouse/partner. Everday is great to show them, personally.

  274. Cherisse C. says:

    Being able to have a special dedicated day to spend with my husband :)

  275. gloria habel says:

    my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is knowing I get to spend it with my Rick.

  276. Jamie Steagall says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that I get a gift from my husband, a romantic gift that is. You know, lingerie and flowers- after he takes me out for dinner. It’s one day & night of guaranteed bliss that I seriously look forward to all year long! lol

  277. kirk warrington says:

    Having someone to share it with.

  278. Angela Killingsworth says:

    Love notes from my husband <3

  279. Sherry Stamey says:

    Valentines day is awesome because you can feel the love in the air

  280. Christina Jones says:

    It’s the day I met my Husband 19 years ago <3

  281. Showing the ones I love that I love them.

  282. Manette martinez says:

    Chocolate strawberry

  283. wendy hutton says:

    my favorite things is all the gooey chocolate that they have out

  284. Chocolate covered strawberries!!!

  285. April Wray says:

    The Chocolate! :)

  286. I love the time that we take that day to remember the people we love and all the reasons why we love them.

  287. diane sabatini says:

    Most people just seem so happy that day!

  288. Heather Garcia says:

    Just feeling the love from my family is the best!!!

  289. Chocolate of course!!! :)

  290. charlotte b says:

    The hearts everywhere!

  291. Elizabeth DeJong says:

    Getting a box of chocolates to enjoy.

  292. Sue Morris says:

    I love watching the children exchange valentines with their classmates.

  293. Honestly, I love the romanticism of Valentine’s Day… It is honestly the one day a year that (most) men really are “romantic”. It’s really a truly lovely symbolic day…

  294. The Chocolate!

  295. Cindy Samms says:

    My favorite part of valentines is the chocolate

  296. I love the beauty. The sweet gestures of kindness.

  297. Donna schechter says:

    Eating chocolate without the guilt !

  298. Its a day for sweethearts but I dont have one…yet…I love chocolates and search the day after for half off sales!

  299. The chocolates!

  300. Tacey Atkinson says:

    I love that on that day everyone treats everyone so much kinder

  301. I love spending time with my family.

  302. loyri halliburton says:

    Spending time with your love ones and everything romantic about it.

  303. jennifer e says:

    cute mushy valentines!!

  304. Michele Krik says:

    Chocolate and stuffed bears

  305. Spending it with my family!

  306. heather patterson says:

    Girls day with my princess and flowers from my love

  307. Beverly Widdows says:

    This is an awesome giveaway & just like my favorite thing on Valentine’s Day – I hope to share it with my husband.

  308. JoleneHobson says:

    My favorite time of Valentines Day is the time we cook together. Cooking has always been one of our favorite things to do as a couple =)

  309. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    Valentine Day is a time I tell my hubby how much I love him more each year,going on 38 years

  310. Patty Asfour says:

    Honestly all the yummy chocolates. Hahaha! Of course the romance too.

  311. Tammy Riedl says:

    Our son was in a serious car accident last April and almost died. It has been a really trying time for us since then. He is better now but needs another surgery soon. With all that we went through my husband and I could really really use a night alone. Awesome giveaway. Thank you :)

  312. Spreading all the love and Chocolate of course

  313. Cindy Cooper-Costilla Hooe says:

    I would love to win the Marriots 2 day stay!!!!! My husband retired almost 3 years ago, & still haven’t went on a vacation!!!! Plus, we need some “alone time”!!!! He does help alot of friends & family, with their cars, washing machines, etc…….. I feel he deserves it

  314. Carole Means says:

    I love flowers on Valentines Day.

  315. Paula Proffitt says:

    Just being together to celebrate a day together to show each other Love

  316. My favorite thing is the love in the air lol, I am a hopeless romantic

  317. Crystal Naus says:

    Getting handmade gifts from my kids

  318. When I have someone special on valentine’s day I love being able to show them how much they mean to me by spoiling them for the day.

  319. Spending more meaningful time with my husband and kids.

  320. Romance and passion….

  321. Leanne H. says:

    I love that I can put pink hearts everywhere! lol

  322. Ginger O'Donnell says:

    Seeing my loved ones’ faces when they read their valentine from me

  323. ruth jean says:

    getting dressed up going to nice place and taking lots of pictures!

  324. Katarina Kopasek says:

    Doing something fun with my husband & 4 daughters (going out to eat and either a family movie or going to Dave & Busters (game place)

  325. Kristine Reed says:

    I would love to win most of this for my parents. They hardly get time to see eachother because my mom works two jobs. It would be great to bless them in this way because they do much for us.

  326. taking another chance to tell him I love him more everyday <3

  327. I love Valentines Day for the day of those candy hearts, so addicting and I can splurge and take my two son’s out

  328. Casance Kendrick says:

    I love going in the stores and seeing all the red, pink and white colors of valentine items..lol. I know that sounds very strange, but I do. Not to mention that is the love holiday

  329. Beth Buchanan says:

    Putting intentional effort into spending intentional special time together. Especially now that we have a young child in the house…we sometimes have to make more effort to spend special “us” time together. <3

  330. Sweet!

  331. susan skinner says:

    date night with my hubby is my favorite thing about valentines day

  332. Hope Holland says:

    Spending time with the person you care for

  333. another day to celebrate my love for my hubby :)

  334. Going out to dinner with my husband!

  335. Sandra Shannon says:

    what a wonderful surprise this would make.

  336. Making the valentines with my kids. My husband never plans anything, so this would be amazing to win!

  337. Crystal Lamb says:

    I love the candy on Valentines Day.

  338. Just feeling loved and special :)

  339. Erin Duggins says:

    The abundance of love in the air, whether you’re single or not.

  340. Kiki Bacaro says:

    I’m not a huge fan, i think VD should be called SAD (Single Awareness Day)…with two single adult daughters, I always feel bad even mentioning it near them:/ That said, when my hubby and I can get away, it’s a nice excuse:)

  341. Donna Dorothy says:

    I need this more than you will ever know! Thanks! and bless ya!

  342. Its the day my daughter was born, i always think of her first , i get her a heart cake, and something special, then i snuggle with my honey, and maybe i will get something but just being together is the best gift :)

  343. Adrienne McElwain says:

    Getting to celebrate it! (My husband was married to his ex on valentine’s day so we didnt’ for the first 3 years).

  344. Rhonda Runtz says:

    having a family raqulette and fondue with hubby and kids

  345. Kathryn Scott says:

    the love in the air! I’ve been with my husband over 30 yrs now so I know he loves me but the day just brings out the best in both of us for some reason!

  346. Laura Monaco says:

    I love the romantic dinner :)

  347. mary ellen ashenfelder says:

    I like having a nice dinner with my family complete with candles, flowers and a chocolate dessert.

  348. cindy ziegelbauer says:

    I would have to agree, a date night sounds so awesome. Not much time anymore for that!!

  349. seeing how excited the kids are when they come home from school with all there treats and things

  350. Every day is Valentine’s Day around here but I must admit I do love the candy :)

  351. The romance. c:

  352. shirley stefanski says:

    I love the conversation heart candies!!!

  353. I love Valentines day cause its all about love.

  354. Wendi Scharrer says:

    All the Love in the air! :)

  355. Just being with my man !!

  356. time spent w/your loved one

  357. Angela Tyler says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is receiving a box of chocolates.

  358. Reading what my boyfriend writes in the card he give me :)

  359. I love surprising my fiancée with little presents and desserts :)

  360. The chocolates :)

  361. Myly Lester-Roberson says:

    The romance! The wonderful gifts and giving. Just the love!

  362. somer webber says:

    I love spending time with my family!

  363. My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is spending time with the people I love and showing them how much I appreciate them.

  364. Christina H says:

    I really love how Valentine’s Day makes you stop and remember why you love the people in your life and how you can make sure they know you love them. To me, this day is more about service.

  365. spending time alone with my fiancee…we have 3 children at home, and financially its very hard for us to have a date night. Valentines day is one of sometimes 3 nights a year we get alone

  366. sharon elliott says:

    I love Valentine’s Day so much because there is so much love in the air. You run into Walmart on V-Day and these guys are running around trying to find something great to let their significant other know how much they care. It gives me goosebumps when I see all the guys hovered around the V-Day cards, they are all so serious about finding the right one.

  367. Crystal Veasey says:

    My Favorite thing about Valentines Day is watching my hubby and kids make me breakfast then they all eat in bed with me, off my plate, I really do LOVE every second of it. <3

  368. Heather Prince says:

    The chocolate and the after valentine’s day sales!

  369. Angela Erving Busker says:

    Every year I make goodie bags for my husband and 2 children. Now that my children are 13 and 15, I thought maybe they were outgrowing it, but a week ago, my daughter saw a Valentine’s commercial and mentioned how much she looks forward to seeing what I got her, so I guess the tradition will continue.

  370. I could sure use alittle getaway ive been taking care of my mom and would love for me and my husband to get out for the nite

  371. would love to win this and get away for the nite with my husband

  372. Would absolutely appreciate this!

  373. All the romance with two kids its nice to have a day about my husband and I :)

  374. Just love to hear from my loved ones and being with my better half <3

  375. Just the fact that I can spend time with my family-husband and children. It’s not about the love for one person, it’s about just showing love! My girls and a family relationship are just as important to me!

  376. Tracey Pullum says:

    The extra attention from my hunny, tho every day is pretty special with him .

  377. The chocolate.

  378. Teresa Hesselberth says:

    Just spending time with my husband is all I want for Valentines day!

  379. Gifts for my grandchildren and husband.

  380. JULIE TARDI says:

    hubby gets so lovey dovey

  381. Caitlin Nance says:

    Spending time with an amazing man (:

  382. Amy Epley says:

    Love and spending time with loved ones.

  383. Ashley Serrano says:

    I love love. Lol I love to spoil my significant other on valentines day!

  384. Shannon Lovett says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines Day is getting some one on one time with my husband! We’ve been together for 8 years and married for one year and have still never had an actual date! We both have children and always did everything with the kids but have yet to have a date with just the two of us!

  385. Jenilee Blonigen says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is..chocolate, yep…that’s it. Maybe it will be a better day when I have a special someone who actually does stuff and remembers the day. :-( sigh*

  386. Candy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  387. Lisa Bogle says:

    Spending it with loved ones :)

  388. Kathy Davis says:

    My favorite things about Valentine’s Day are the funny little gifts my husband buys me. He is always so proud of himself. Makes me love him more, especially after 36 years.

  389. Wonderful idea!

  390. Kathy Davis says:

    FB fan as Kathy Newsom Davis

  391. The general feeling of love and happiness!

  392. Candy hearts……..

  393. Erin from Long Island says:

    I usually hate Valentines Day with all it’s commercial, materialistic traditions. This year, however, I am with a man I love and I am actually looking forward to it! I’m going to surprise him with a homemade meal

  394. I like being treated like a princess. :)

  395. February is National Heart Awareness Month and also my birthday month and we are trying to get Feb 7-14 to be National CHD ( Congenital Heart Defect week) A very special month for me. My grandson has HLHS ( Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) and I too have a heart defect…..so we are a family full of heart awareness !!!! Wish us all luck and I wish all luck to all for the giveaway !!!!

  396. Giving someone else a special something to let them know they are loved and special

  397. I love Valentine’s day, this would be a great way to spend it.

  398. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!

  399. Sarah Zale says:

    Spending some nice, quality time with my hubs…

  400. I love the fact that just about everyone has the same thing on their minds! “LOVE” on some fashion! =)

  401. sheridan c says:

    we like to cook a nice dinner together and enjoy the night

  402. Seeing what my husband got for me!

  403. Chocolate

  404. Erin Brayshaw says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!!! Love spending time with my husband. Don’t get to do that often!!!

  405. the chocolate fountain that we put out for family and friends

  406. Pam Curry says:

    Quiet time with my husband. Doesn’t happen very often with 3 children and busy schedules.

  407. My granddaughters face when we make cards and crafts

  408. The romance.

  409. rhonda hagy miller says:

    Love..isnt that everyones favorite?

  410. What’s not to like about a holiday when you get to express how much you love others!

  411. barb flint says:

    Having a great dinner with my wonderful hubby

  412. Jason Longwith says:

    Going to a nice dinner with my wife!

  413. IRENE CYPHER says:

    It’s a day to remember all of your loved ones.

  414. love everything… would love any of the prizes….Hubby and I would really love the grand prize!!!! it would be a perfect for valentines day and nice and wonderful quiet time and all the goodies… anything would be wonderful though.

  415. Alivia Snodgrass says:

    The best thing to me about Valentine’s Day is just spending it with the person I love the most! We do something simple, but it means a lot to us. A gift package like this would be a new experience for us, and I’m pretty sure we would love every minute of it :-)

  416. Chocolates!

  417. Marenah R says:

    it’s a day for my husband and i to remember each other and not just the kids

  418. Jennifer Willard says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is taking a whole day off with my fiance to just focus on each other and not worry about any of the stresses in our lives including our one year old haha

  419. Ashley Owens says:

    Having me time with me and my hubby

  420. Spending time with my husband and kids. Our anniversary is 10 days earlier and my birthday is 11 days after, so February is a fun month for us!

  421. i love all the heart stuff that’s out!!!!

  422. Christina says:

    just the day

  423. Pam Ancell says:

    Having another excuse to spoil my honey

  424. spending time with my husband

  425. Pam Ancell says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway

  426. tracy ames-dennison says:

    All the RED! Its my fav color!

  427. Mary Diehl says:

    Taking time from our busy lives to let the one you love that they are special and having a special day to spend together and renew the love each year

  428. Cea Taylor says:

    I love those EXTRA special “I love you’s” and remembrance of when my hubby and I met. I enjoy the story and tell it so often that it seems extra special on Valentine’s just because we have one another!

  429. valorie gomes says:

    the extra I love you – its awsome

  430. Christina Cannon says:


  431. The different colored roses that I receive each year!

  432. I would love to win anything but the free nights at Marriott would be great. We will be marry 39 years in April. That would be a great get away for us.

  433. Spending time with my family :)

  434. cheri zaras says:

    spending time with my elderly parents

  435. Wow what a giveaway. That’s pretty awesome.

  436. Spending it with my wonderful Husband!! He’s the greatest!!

  437. LuAnn Anderson says:

    Letting my family know I love them!!!

  438. Being able to show our love to each other!

  439. Watching my husband scurry around trying to figure out what to do for me. When all he had to do was tell me he loves me, maybe give me a foot massage, and a box of candy :) It would be wonderful to win that hotel stay. Give us a little romantic night before he deploys…

  440. Lora Zelenak says:

    This would be so great!

  441. my favorite thing about valentines day is the card i get. My husband always writes the most beautiful things bringing tears to my eyes.

  442. Tracey MacDonald-MacEwen says:

    Doing something special with my husband !!

  443. Being able to enjoy the special day with my wonderful husband!

  444. Spending time with my long distance boyfriend.

  445. Spending quality time with hubby, and his friends and co workers are busy

  446. Giving kids treats and being with your love.

  447. jessica rivera says:

    My favorite part is being with my love ones….

  448. I love giving my children chocolates!

  449. Shelli Zink says:

    All the red and white! It’s one of my favorite color combinations and was my wedding theme.

  450. Jennifer Melbye says:

    Yes these are great!

  451. Beverly Byrd says:

    The beauty of it like all of the flowers, hearts, etc. The smells of Valentines chocolate, roses, sweet sweet fragrances. And spending time with my loved ones.

  452. Amanda Mills says:

    Alone time with my hubby!

  453. I love all the chocolate!!

  454. Rosemary Dawson says:

    All the goodies from loved ones!

  455. I enjoy spending the special day with my husband and son whether I get flowers or not. Just having the day set aside to remember how much love we have in our lives is enough.

  456. Pamela Boutin says:

    Would love to win any ONE of these prizes, esp the grand prize for my husband and myself who NEVER do anything for ourselves!!

  457. Pamela Boutin says:

    I love just being with my husband everyday but Valentines Day makes it a little more special ;)

  458. Charity Mullenaux says:

    Things are so hectic that it’s great to have a day set aside especially for showing and communicating love to the people in my life. Twelve years of marriage and my husband and I have never had the funds to be able to “get away” together. Keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that we can win this! :)

  459. Lynn K Shaffer says:

    Everything… what’s not to love about love? Love should be celebrated everyday!!! It is a blessing.

  460. Pink stuffed animals

  461. Chassidy Wolf says:

    I love spending time with my fiance’ and i love all the delicious chocolate especially the truffles andchocolate covered strawberries that i don’t get any other day.

  462. Trisha Burkhart says:

    my favorite thing is spending a special night with my husband.

  463. I love to know there is at least one day a year to focus on just the two of us.

  464. Amanda Browne Dyer says:

    Knowing that I have someone to spend Valentine’s Day, and every day, with. I waited 33 years to find my husband and he was worth the wait! This would be an amazing gift package! Thank you for the opportunity!

  465. Spending time with my fiancee.

  466. Jennifer Gauntt says:

    We get a date night!!! ;)

  467. spending time with my husband

  468. Katrina Villeneuve says:

    Making up gifts for my kids.

  469. My hubby and CHOCOLATE

  470. A romantic date night with my hubby <3 oh and the chocolate and flowers

  471. Michelle House says:

    Spending time with my family, especially hubby!:)

  472. Jesse Dickerson says:

    showering my daughter with gifts, Vday is her favorite holiday.. well, right now it is, bcuz it’s the next one ;)

  473. Kimberly Deacon says:

    The Romance, I do something romantic every year for my Husband. The first year we were together I gave him 20 cards in a box and told him they were for all the years we were not together.

  474. Zeta McMillan says:

    Valentines day is about spreading the love you have for one another. My favorite time :)

  475. jennifer d says:

    love and time spent together

  476. after the days sales on chocolate! I show my family every day that I love them, we don’t need a special day:)

  477. Karla Koenig says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is the box of chocolates!

  478. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is showing everyone how much I love them.

  479. Joyce Terry says:

    What I love about this day is that I get to spend lovin time with the LOVE <3 of my life and my wonderful daughter!!!! <3 !!! Just LOVE to be LOVED!!! <3 <3 <3 :)

  480. I love everything about it. to see all the love around

  481. Spending some special time with my husband

  482. marie hicks says:

    Making homemade cards with my 9 year old son!! We have a wonderful day together doing things we both love to do!

  483. would love to win this getaway, could really use one about now.

  484. A chance to slow down and spend time with the people that matter most in my life

  485. Spending time with the one’s I love is what I love about Valentines day!

  486. April D. Ralph says:

    when my dear husband and I finally get a date night <3

  487. Chocolate flavored drinks

  488. Love it!

  489. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  490. Brenna Fetters says:

    Getting to spend that little precious time alone with my husband and showing each other what we mean to one another.

  491. A good excuse to watch chick flicks! And a good reason for chocolate to share.

  492. An excuse to celebrate us!

  493. this would be wonderful…thank you so much!

  494. linda smith says:

    I enjoy the intimate dinner.

  495. I love anything chocolate.

  496. Rebecca Reinwalt says:

    I would have to say all the beautiful floral arrangements and cards that come out at this time of year. It is so hard choosing just one card to give my love.

  497. Giving couples a reason to get together and remember who they are together. People can get so caught up in day to day activities that they forget each other.

  498. Going on a date w/ my husband

  499. Valentines Day is a day for sweethearts…even though for 39 years everyday is like valentines day for me and my hubby

  500. the love!!!

  501. Getting flowers.

  502. Rachel Miller says:

    I like making us a special dinner :)

  503. All of these look great! The hotel would be especially nice, though :-)

    • I like any excuse my husband has to get me chocolates ;-) I also just love to show him how much he means to me and thank him for leading our family in such a wonderful, loving way.

  504. Having a day just for someone to show you how special and loved you are. I am loved everyday but it feels good to be celebrated for that love:)

  505. Annmarie W. says:

    Not usually a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I do love that my hubby usually brings me roses on that day!

  506. Danielle T says:

    The candy! Oh and the hubs usually gets something good for dinner for me!

  507. shae johnson says:

    My hubby’s creative valentine’s dates…

  508. cindy norman says:

    getting flowers

  509. I love the valentine chocolates!

  510. get to have a date or at least a night in alone..

  511. I love spending the day with the man of my dreams. And I’m thankful everyday for having him in my life.

  512. Gwendolyn Campbell says:

    Love is in the air! I look forward to going to a romantic restaurant at the National Harbor on the Potomac River just aside of DC.

  513. Anastacia Caldwell says:

    My kids coming home from school with their Valentine’s cards and goodies from school and then them seeing what things my husband and I have for them. Our anniversary is Feb.5 so Valentine’s day is celebrating our kids!

  514. spending it with my honey!

  515. Jennifer H. says:

    Valentines day usually means date night for mommy and daddy! Woohoo!!

  516. rebecca roberts says:

    i love all the love of valentines day!!! Also i love valentnes day decorations!

  517. Chantel W. says:

    Spending time with my husband and getting to do corny but sweet things for him.

  518. Liz Pisano Gooding says:

    When my kids bring all their valentines home from school.

  519. erica wesley says:

    Spending time with my husband!!

  520. A whole night of romance with my hubby

  521. joanne gentry says:

    It is my first born daughter’s birthday :)

  522. Theresa Nemeth says:


  523. Getting gifts!

  524. robin henry says:

    I love Valentines day cause it is my daddys birthday

  525. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was the chocolate lol

  526. William Cooke says:

    Great Valentines day giveaway will make lots of smiles happen

  527. michelle perry says:

    Being with the one you live with no internet or phones

  528. Deafening Chameleon says:

    I love Valentines day because its the day we get to tell the people we care about how much we love them (be it romantic, plantonic, family, friends, furkids and so forth)

  529. Flowers and chocolates! :)

  530. Kim Kihega says:

    My kids Valentine’s parties at school!

  531. Jen Perry says:

    The thing I love about Valentines Day is making cookies and sharing your love to family, friends, and others by helping them!

  532. Janice Lynds says:

    the expectations and feelings of love

  533. Joey Carnes says:

    I love the pink decorations everywhere!

  534. brittany lopez says:

    Spending it with my love :)

  535. Courtney Hippler says:

    My favorite thing about this valentines day is that my husband will actually be home for it. You see in the past 7 years that my husband and i have been together, my husband has not been home for valentines day. He has either been deployed, underway, or gone to some type of training. So finally this year he will be home. I’m hoping we can make it very special.

  536. Laura Cook says:

    I love spending time with my family!

  537. I would love to get this and spend some MUCh needed time with my hubby i work so much and we dont see each other hardly……This would be a great thing …good luck everyone

  538. I would love to do this for me and my husband . I’m sick so much and he takes such good care of me I would love to surprise him with this..thanks for the chance…

  539. yay

  540. I love the chocolates!!!!

  541. Tami Valentine says:

    I don’t know if it’s just because of my name….but my husband always comes up with the most unique gifts for me. He really puts time and thought into them! I love him for that, among other reasons. :)

  542. I am not big on gifts for valentines day but I love how everyone remembers to tell their loved ones how much they love each other. SOmetimes words get lust in the shuffle but on Valentines day everyone remembers to say I love you to a loved one. :)

  543. that being said, I don’t mind some nice chocolates :)

  544. i entered from Give oh Giveaway!

  545. mary fanara coleman says:

    My favorite chocolates…………..

  546. Spending time with my Hubby and grands dont’ forget the chocolate!!

  547. Christina Horstman says:

    Spending it with my husband and kids :-)

  548. nothing really

  549. Isis Sample says:


  550. I do enjoy the excuse to eat chocolate.

  551. all the hearts everywhere! I love hearts and my boyfriend of course!! Any reason to celebrate is welcome in my world. I hope I win!!!!

  552. i like everything about Valentines day!

  553. Doing special things for my sweetie

  554. Showing the ones I love how much they mean to me, just because.

  555. Cristita Hodge says:

    flowers and chocolates.

  556. i love the opportunity to express my love creatively every year!

  557. Every year my daughters and I host a tea party for their friends and their moms. It’s a wonderful, girly time to show our friends how much we love them!

  558. being pampered at home by my kids and husband…its so needed but would love to go somewhere and get the same treatment

  559. Colleen Nostrand says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is seeing all the beautiful flower arrangements, especially the roses.

  560. My favorite this is the kiddo valentines and seeing them get so excited about making Valentines for others.

  561. jennifer rogers says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is the excitement that my girls have. They look forward to the mushy lovey cards from boys….. It brings back memories of being young. Would love to win a much needed hotel stay for my husband and I.

  562. Being able to spend the day with my boyfriend!

  563. Jeana Speers says:

    spending time with my hubby it looks like we are both off this year for the first time in 8 years.

  564. I love all the great deals and fun things to do with your loved one

  565. Spending time with the hubby. Also it is my brothers birthday

  566. Doreen vitacco says:

    Would love to win this. Spent the summer & our anniversary in the hospital. Never got to celebrate. Happy weekend everyone

  567. Rebecca Thompson says:

    Getting flowers and the special attention given and received

  568. Deborah Martin says:

    spending time with my husband

  569. spending time with the ones i love!

  570. Jolene Barstow says:

    This is my first vday with my baby boy! he is 8 months old today!

  571. Jane Ritz says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines Day is cards and hugs from the grandchildren

  572. Too much candy!

  573. Karen Hadfield says:

    It’s an extra night to love my husband without the kids saying “why can’t we go?” :)

  574. Kristin Bensch says:

    My favorite thing is spoiling my husband and kids, and doing something fun as a family.

  575. Marcia Jones says:

    The special time with my honey! Just the two of us!

  576. I love having more excuses to celebrate with my hubby!

  577. Jennifer Snyder says:

    spending it with my lil family

  578. its my dogs birthday

  579. Margie Young says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines Day is that we take time out of our hectic lives to spend time with each other and remember all the wonderful times we have had and to look forward to all the wonderful times we have ahead of us.

  580. Jessica lear says:

    I just love it!

  581. cindy mckean says:

    It’s like the one day that you can feel a lot of the love in the world.

  582. Spending time with my husband!

  583. It is the night I get to spend with my husband to celebrate not just Valentine’s Day but also my birthday.

  584. luree freemon says:

    i love the big heart shaped chocolate candy .my husband never does anything for valentines day but sometines i buy myself one lol

  585. Theresa H says:

    the chocolate covered chocolates

  586. getting Chinese takeout & watching our favorite movie..and an extra excuse to have chooclate

  587. nicole cummings says:


  588. Melanie Russell says:

    We have 2 boys and a baby on the way so our valentines have consisted of much more than cuddling with sushi and wine at home while little ones run wild! Truly it’s great tho! We find the time to connect! Just any alone time would be great! It’s a rarity!

  589. Lori JUnge says:

    A day to stop and take time for just the 2 of us!!

  590. Megan Warrington says:

    Being with my Love

  591. brandy wassmer says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines Day is getting something special for my hubby of 14 1\2 years and going out for a date night. With a special needs child and one other younger child at home it is hard to find a sitter and have time alone for us but we try to always make sure we do on Valentine nes Day and our anniversary. So it is a very special romantic day each year for me!:)

  592. love being with my family

  593. Spending time with my honey and giving to my family and friends

  594. Being with my fiancee with a candle light dinner.And being with the ones I LOVE!

  595. Oh pick me! pick me! hahahahahaha thanks!

  596. Oh gosh…actually getting a night out with just my husband. Spending that alone time together like we were dating again :)

  597. Cyndi Kuhn says:

    Being with the people I love. Corny, yes. Generic, yes. But it’s how I feel.

  598. C. Taylor Beach says:

    I love hand made children’s valentines cards!

  599. What’s Valentine’s Day? LOL, I would use the hotel for a Mommy time out.

  600. Elizabeth says:


  601. All the chocolate!

  602. much needed alone time with my husband.

  603. The chocolate is my favorite thing. I let people know I love them all year long.

  604. Rachel Ralston says:

    being with my love

  605. gives us a reason to spend some much needed time together!!!

  606. My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is spending the evening with my family!

  607. Mikenzie Wade says:

    My favorite thing is going on a hot date with the hubby!

  608. Love Valentines Day! Its one of the only nights of the year I get a true date night with four kids (one with special needs) we dont get much time together. I would love to win.

  609. A tie between the chocolate and the love. :]

  610. I love Valentines Day just to spread love to all I love in my life.

  611. Kathleen Driscoll says:


  612. My favorite things about Valentine’s Day is being with my loved ones and getting sweets from my sweet. <3

  613. M Chamney says:

    Going out for a nice dinner

  614. Anitha S Raghavan says:

    spending time with family!

  615. Sereta Purifoy says:

    I love the chocolate candy and the card.

  616. Spending Time with my hunnie :)

  617. tracy haar says:

    going out to dinner with my husband

  618. Derelys P. says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is making Valentines out for my children’s classmates and volountering in the classroom. Also, making chocolate covered strawberries.

  619. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Getting extra hugs and kisses (good chocolate and pretty flowers are nice, too)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  620. krista gould says:

    spending time with my family <3

  621. Giving flowers

  622. cynthia johnson says:

    The chocolate!! And spending it with my amazing son!!

  623. Crystal Tanner says:

    never gotten anything for v-day as a adult, but i think its great for spening time together and showing someone how much they are special to you

  624. Debra Gibbs says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines day is……….I lost my first fiancee he died on Valentines day 1976. Now this year, I am seeing Valentines day in a most different way. What is my most favorite this year and for every year hear after that we have left to live, it is


  625. Being with my husband and getting romantic.

  626. Beth McCall says:

    Making another day special.

  627. jessica laue says:

    I love getting a dozen red roses. I have even recieved a locket for my childrens pictures. I have even gave my mother a rose for valentines day like she used to give me a carnation every year for my birthday.

  628. heather smith says:

    working at my moms flowershop with my family

  629. Lametria Brooks says:

    Spending time with my son and receiving a funny card from him.

  630. tammy masncilla says:


  631. So who were the winners of this giveaway ?